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I help people produce extraordinary financial results by helping them increase their cashflows and creating greater wealth, that surpasses even their most ambitious dreams.

My Story

I am the founder and CEO of ORIS Wealth Designs LLC., a Registered Investment Advisory firm. I've been a wealth strategist since 1998 serving individuals and families to create and maximize their wealth potential.

After serving my client base in Orange County, California for 18 years, we moved our home to Southlake, Texas in 2016 to expand my reach as a nationwide personal financial advisor and expert trainer to other financial advisors and advisory firms.


The value I bring to my clients is giving them the most expert financial strategies to create and engineer their financial plans in life to work under a variety of circumstances and economic conditions. The solutions are tailormade to our clients' personal situations, so they live a prosperous life and become great stewards of their wealth.


These intellectual strategies effectively help reduce taxes, reduce risk, increase portfolio efficiency, produce increased retirement cashflows and augment the preservation of wealth legacy for my clients.

I look at my career as being unlike any other which I greatly enjoy and have found tremendous success in. My wife Abigail and I, along with our three children live in Southlake, Texas, a great place to raise a family. 


I'm always looking for great people and families to work with.  Let's connect.

Tel: (714) 717-1640     Fax: (888) 994-7475 

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