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The Problem

Working with money can sometimes be overwhelming, fraught with problems and pitfalls which we may not be able to recognize and see...why?

We make Decisions

  • One at a time

  • At different times

  • With different people

  • Under different circumstances (economic conditions)

It  may be very difficult to find success working in this haphazard manner.

Image by Nathalia Segato
Image by Anthony Da Cruz

The Problems We Face

  1. Lack of Time, Tools and Training

  2. The Government is always changing the rules of the game(tax laws)

  3. Financial Institutions are constantly designing new products

  4. The Eroding Factors negatively impact our wealth 

    • Taxes​

    • Inflation

    • Market Fluctuations

    • Planned Obsolescence

    • Technological Changes

    • etc...

  5. Misinformation in the Media 


The Solution

  1. Use our Financial Model to verify the efficacy of your financial products and strategies

  2. Use the Velocity of Money Concept​ - understanding HOW to use your money

  3. Strategies to:

    • Minimize the effects of the eroding factors

    • Minimize and Recover Taxes

    • Minimize and Recapture Costs

    • Reduce risk

    • Maximize your wealth potential and the opportunity for high retirement cashflows

  4. Use Macroeconomic Verification

Visit the Financial Model to see why it's your first step to success.


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